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[Original] 50 times U.S., Lukretia

Title: 50 times U.S.
Chapter Title: Lukretia
Fandom: Original (Midnight Kiss)
Characters: Joel Dixon (POV), Lukretia Jansdottir
Rating: Orange

Disclamer: All the characters are adults and are part of the cast of Midnight Kiss
, which own all right (© Juliet). U.S. 50 times, Lukretia , written and conceived by Shileen .
# 01 - Angelo

When I saw her become the first m'incantai ... long muscles, leaping, a perfect form in the light of the moon expressed the power of nature was not an angel, but an evolution of the fury of Gaia.
# 02 - Smile I should not have to take it with all that violence, with all the impetuosity fueled by the expectation of that moment ... I would have regretted it immediately, it was not for the languid smile that Lukretia store for me and that made me go all doubt.
# 03 - Happiness does not matter if others do not understand: when Lukrezia looks at me and holds out his hand towards me, then I realize that happiness is all there.

# 04 - Danger Lukretia not never in danger ... at least until they will be found naked in his arms I do not belong.

# 05 - Confusion

When I regained sense the world was an explosion of colors and the night before a confused recollection that I dragged myself all the way back home from the forest.

# 06 - World

are a dirty bastard easy to curse, I know, but how can I care what people think of when Lukretia finds his whole world is me?
# 07 - Window
The worst period of my life was what Lukretia passed from Amazon, thank God every night and remember to leave open the window of his room. # 08 - Space

The space between the legs is Lukretia as a cradle of fire in the distance kills me every time. # 09 - Vista
I was little more than a child when he killed for the first time, but I could not do anything different: the sight of my Lukretia lying on the ground in that lake of vodka made me lose everything reason.
# 10 - Peace
We are hungry beasts, there will never be peace for us, but when the end of each game I see the smile of Lukretia I understand that, basically, I do not care that much.

# 11 - Mistake
Sbagliai not calculate in advance, and his reaction when it was too late to draw back I found myself with his hand under the table, over my pants.

# 12 - Eye
I admit, I've never been able to "interpret the looks, but when the eyes of Lukretia link public toilets in quick succession and then me, I just need a while to get round to it .

# 13 - Ocean
Sometimes it amazes me the creativity of the girl: I never expected a sea bath could be so much fun. # 14

Crowd A part of me is fully convinced that Lukretia suffers from claustrophobia, or I know explaining why, in the crowd, suddenly compelled to hide her face against my chest, hugging me.

# 15 - Seagull
Lukretia is the kind of wolf who thinks they can feed on the flesh of animals: when she realized that it would take another twenty gulls saziarla asked me how to kick a man.

# 16 - Dream
When I saw her two mulatto half-naked at the foot of my bed .. I realized that this was definitely a dream.

# 17 - Freedom
Anyone would tell me that without Lukretia at home I was free to live as I wanted, that crap (!) think in that den of warriors and whores made me feel as a prisoner of my own apprehension!

# 18 - Ice Cream
There is one occasion where I like ice cream: When dirty lips Lukretia.

# 19 - Control
The first thing I learned is that life Lukretia to have full control of every situation is critical: it was exemplary student to ... it is always in bed and only her the shots.

# 20 - Fish
The day after the first transformation is a massacre of the senses, refined, s'accavallano each other, making perfectly clear what it means to feel like a fish out of water among the common people.

# 21 - Sun
I've never sweated so much like the time, behind the abandoned warehouse, but I'm not sure if it was for the hot sun or hot kisses Lukretia that was giving me, walking trails along my imaginary semi-nude body, pressed against his.

# 22 - Light
The mountain breeze whipped my face, bringing me to the nostrils that scent feral and sweet: I won. "Tana
# 23 - Costa

With a leap were down from the cliff, landing on the beach and that freeing the howl echoed throughout the coast.
# 24 - City

Lukrezia trembled idea that would soon be nightfall and the hunt would begin: the city was a perfect location for training.
# 25 - House

Walking through the hole that we call home, at night, it's like to walk around the Eden before the expulsion of Adam and Eve, with the small difference that they had at least a fig leaf with which cover.
# 26 - Lie
When I replied once again that everything was well I knew that I was trimming one of his lies, I did not dare say anything else, though: the soft look that the only restraint that the photo had been her mother made me guess that was not the time for words, but only that of silence.
# 27 - Telephone
I rushed into the street driven by the sudden need to see it: a phone was not enough to cover the distance, no matter how much we were using it during the day.

# 28 - Horizon
When I clarified that I admitted to Victor

Lukretia love sun and moon when they met on the horizon, I realized that he fucked up that I would pay bitterly: She appeared at that precise moment the kitchen door and, at least by the cold stare that I reserve, he must have heard it all.
# 29 - Style

I always preferred the bathrobes to asciumani shower, but I must admit that Lukretia has a certain style in the slide path along its sides.
# 30 - Melancholy

After the first few months of being away things they did not get worse: I could not help but think with sadness at all times we had together, you and I, and torment me because I did not know when they would return.
# 31 - Kiss

not exactly remember our first kiss, the first time that our lips met it was to bite.
# 32 - Hand
"You do not say anything
hours? "I could not answer: the pleasure that I was arranging that his fucking hand I had long deprived of clarity and speech.
# 33 - Fall

When I grabbed my arms looked at me almost with indignation: I never knew if his rage was created by the air of mocking laughter that turned or the composure of His fall from the branches of that tree.
# 34 - Flight

The paper airplane flight ended his gliding gently on our bed (the window from which he had suddenly popped): the first nice thing received after months of silence ... "At the entrance to Hyde Park, ten minutes after midnight, come back to you.."
# 35 - Cat

With one click Lukretia cat jumped on me, a low growl came from his throat and then threw himself on me, biting From there, the move to kiss was spontaneous and rapid .
# 36 - Gravity
As a child I have always done a lot of questions, I felt great but only the seriousness of the thing: one week per month Lukrezia you can not touch!
# 37 - Ghost
Victor hates with all his Lukretia when, as white as a corpse in the middle of the night to cross the corridor, but how could that look like a ghost, make it less perfect in my eyes?

# 38 - Fight
Lukretia Those are all struggles with unequal weapons: she always has a couple of balls to whom I could blackmail!

# 39 - Engine
Lukretia not ever understand a shit which has the engine, but I'm sure that on a calendar of tires would make the famous a terrible figure.

# 40 - Tornado
am the first to claim to be the guy who is not afraid of anything, but when I saw pictures of the tornado that hit Florida on TV I felt the chill terror Lukretia was there with the Amazons.

# 41 - Old
You are the person you want to share my whole life, Joël.
Even when I need your senses are numb because my old age ? " Especially then.

# 42 - Tomorrow
Lukrezia quivers, I read him in the eyes and in every gesture: the full moon is tomorrow, and will be open season.

# 43 - Blood
A long howl suddenly broke the eerie silence that hung along the hunting ground, the smell of his blood terse air a moment before my mouth as they fell to the ax Executioner on the neck of a werewolf who had attacked.

# 44 - Paradise
A life spent with his head on my chest is what comes closest to my idea of paradise. # 45 - Will not enough appeal to all my willpower that time: when I said that was going to live by the Amazons, I felt so full of anger which is a miracle if I have not destroyed all that I happened to shoot.
# 46 - Royal
I woke up shivering, sweating, and she was there beside me, to shake my hand and remember what it was sweeter than the reality of the nightmare that had plagued me all of a night.

# 47 - Rosa
probably anyone watch you sleeping, compared it to a snowdrop - lithe and delicate - but I know that the best of myself I know that Lukretia is a rose with thorns that prick

# 48 - Page

hear the voice of Lukretia is like hearing a chorus of heavenly angels sing a melody ... its just a 'JOEL! Quit the fucking bathroom! 'To remind me how things really were.
# 49 - Loneliness

It took two weeks of solitude and the heart began to bleed non-stop, that was when I went to Diana: I would do anything to be able to see it again.
# 50 - Blindness

The idea of becoming blind, I touched Minimally, such that alternating gaze between the hand and my friend peeled
... I opted to go in private Lukretia.


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